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Aquaguard Service Center in Agra

In this era of extremely high levels of pollution, it becomes difficult for you to keep your family safe. Almost all life-saving resources are facing pollution at levels which are almost impossible to eradicate. A similar impact is visible in the field of obtaining pure drinking water, where it is becoming difficult to get water in its pure, healthy and safe form. For these reasons, a vigilant lookout is required at the consumer’s end. To counter water pollution, old methods of purification such as boiling and filtration are no longer dependable. You need a purifier that uses the latest technologies to give you a glass of pure water every time you need one. Aquaguard is the name you can trust when it comes to getting the safest water purifiers. Contact Aquaguard Service Center for more details about India's most trusted RO.

Aquaguard RO installation is a really simple process, to begin with. All you need to do is to drop an inquiry and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Aquaguard uses the latest RO, UV and TDS controller technologies. RO helps to fight dirt and germs whereas UV helps to eliminate dissolved impurities. TDS controller, on the other hand, maintains the natural mineral balance of water so that you obtain healthy water always.

At Aquaguard, we understand that your purifier in course of its service may encounter many instances when you may need to avail top quality repair services in the industry. For this Aquaguard repair center is always at your service. Our expert technicians and staff don't just repair but also understand your system. Aquaguard purifiers are built using the latest technologies so we advise you to avail services of only our experts because of the equipment if manhandled with, may bring upon a huge expense on your pockets.

We also understand that your purifier needs time to time maintenance. Only an expert can tell you if your purifier is in its correct working conditions. It is only then that our promise of delivering pure and healthy water will be fulfilled. For this we provide Aquaguard RO repair services which you will find at your disposal 24 X 7. We also provide a variety of AMC plans so that you can have a yearlong benefit of your RO maintenance. To know more about Aquaguard RO AMC plans contact our customer care.

Domestic RO

It converts impure water to sweet pure drinking water storage tank made of Poly Carbonate material and makes water taste better.

Commercial RO

The Commercial RO Systems cleans the water of contaminants and removes non essential and corrosive salts, metals, chemicals etc., present in the water.

Industrial RO

industrial RO water purifier has purification capacity of 100 to 1000 litre per hour. It has a better innovative technology & schematic flow diagram.


Water softening is the removal of calcium, magnesium, and certain other metal cations in hard water. The resulting soft water is more compatible.

Aquaguard RO AMC Plans Charges

Service Charge for Domestic Ro - Rs. 300 (Three Hundred Rupees).

Installation Charge For Domestic Ro - Rs.500 (Five Hundred Rupees).

AMC Contract Terms & Conditions for Domestic RO

Sr. No. AMC Price Service Filters Membrane Electrical Parts Faulty Parts
1 AMC Plan 1 999.00 Yes No No No No
2 AMC Plan 2 2450.00 Yes Yes No No No
3 AMC Plan 3 2500.00 Yes No No Yes No
4 AMC Plan 4 4000.00 Yes Yes Yes No No
5 AMC Plan 5 5000.00 Yes Yes Yes Yes No
5 AMC Plan 6 6000.00 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Plan 1: Purifier maintenance that includes basic servicing.
Plan 2: Inclusive of plan 1 and also includes the maintenance of filters.
Plan 3: Inclusive of plans 1 & 2 and maintenance of electrical parts.
Plan 4: Inclusive of plans 1, 2 & 3 and maintenance of the filter membrane.
Plan 5: Maintenance of services, filters, membranes, electrical parts.
Plan 6: Inclusive of all the services provided from plan1- plan 5 plus emphasis on maintenance of faulty parts.

Terms & Conditions

1. Three Periodical Services (On demand),
2. Any additional visit during AMC Period by intimation,
3. Contract Period:12 Months,
4. Payment in favor of RO Care India,
5. Price of AMC may be increase according to water purifier actual conditions and their uses,
6. We uses Genuine Spare Parts and equality to specifications.

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